Piano renovation

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Our company offers a professional service of restoration and rebuilding for piano and grand piano.This is a list of services:
1. Repairing and coloring of the soundboard.
  • 2.Repairing (if needed) and coloring the iron plate of the piano and grand piano .
  • 3. Replacing the piano wire , including bass wire.
  • 5. Pepairing the wrest plank plate.
  • 6.Replacing damper felt and control damper felt.
  • 7. Full or partial repairing of the piano and grand piano mechanic . Replacement of necessary piano parts to new parts (all piano parts made in Germany companies Abel,Renner, Baumgartel).
  • 8. Repairing piano and grand piano keyboard.
  • 9.Piano and grand piano tuning and regulation.
  • 10.Any color to the piano and grand piano, by the client request.
We grant guarantees for all the kinds of work.